Sunday, July 27, 2008

What I am loving this week & more deep thoughts.

Two parts...

Part one...

Things I am loving right now:

1) Magic Eraser

It rocks! I don't understand what it is or how it works. But it does and I love it none the less.

2) Richard Simmons.
Yeah. Yeah. Don't mock me. The man is very encouraging.
He just has a way of saying, " You can do this, I believe in you", and I actually believe him. I understand he is stuck in 1985 but he likes it there so I don't judge him.

3) Aquaphor - read in some beauty magazine that it is an essential for backstage at fashion shows. We use it here in the Oyer house for everything. We put in on our lips to make them soft, our legs to make them moisturized after the shower (kids), and on any other boo boo that shows up.

4) I am loving and missing my sister as always. It is amazing to me that I have so many great friends these days and my sister doesn't know half of them because she lives in freakin' Egypt. I am so excited for her and her new great job but wish she was local to see the girls grow up and be available for coffee talk on a hard day.

This is me picking up my little sister. She is really my big sister because she is older but I call her my little sister because she is only 4'10. I feel like an ogre next to her.

Part two:

Deep thoughts by Tara...
I wish we as women could get inside our husbands brains for just a few minutes to be able to truly understand their thought processes, goals, dreams, aspirations etc. I think their job as husbands, fathers, providers, is such a different role than ours usually is and I think it would be great to get a glimpse of where they truly are at with that responsibility.


I wish men truly understand the difference between telling a woman she is hot and that she is beautiful. I can remember the last ten times someone said I was "beautiful" but not the last ten times someone said I looked "hot". From my single life to my married life, I am just not sure men get it. I know we all love them just the same but it is just one little "glimpse" I wish they understood. Something about being beautiful is flattering in a different way. It acknowledges that there is something of value they see on the inside shining through that makes your outside appearance even more appealing.

These deep thoughts have made me sleepy. Have a spectacular week. comments are welcome. email them to me if you'd rather the whole world not see your deep thoughts posted here on the web. email will be for my eyes only. wink wink. ( I know some of you love Richard Simmons too)