Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Staying on the path

Well I just noticed that I have not update my blog in a while.  Since December, a lot has changed.  I feel as though God has continued to heal my heart from past hurts and is teaching me to trust Him and enjoy Him more than ever.  Some people I was close to this time last year I am not close to now which is sad, but I know sometimes friendships are for a season.  I am learning more about God's grace and what that truly means.  It is a word that has been part of our "churchese" for years but I think I know its depth now more than ever.  I have seen so many families fall apart this year.  It has to break God's heart every time that happens.  We have to ask ourselves if we truly believe what we say we believe then it has to affect every area of our lives.  Enough with the giving yourself exceptions or justifying away your actions...God says if we love Him we will follow His commands.  I want to do this, not because I am trying to appear like a good girl and follow all the rules, but because I want Him pleased with me.  I don't want to disappoint Him.  This is a time for me to focus on what lies ahead and "throw off everything that hinders".  This journey of faith isn't an easy one.  This journey as a single woman with Lupus and mother of three little ones,  reallllllly not an easy one.  But God continues to provide, continues to sustain and continues to be faithful.