Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Beginning

Not sure if starting a blog at 4 in the morning should really be called something like "the beginning" when it really feels like "the end". I have been up for a while unable to sleep. It is at frustrating moments like this where it feels like "the end" of a battle I am just not going to win. I wish I could make my body obey the way we make our microwave obey. It tell it what to do and it does it. Nook my m & m's for 45 seconds....and it obeys. It would be nice to say "sleep!" and be able to sleep.

I am labeling this blog "Growing Up in my 30's". Now let me explain that the growing up is really something everyone else wants me to do but not necessarily something I am dead set on. Apparently throwing your dirty clothes on the floor as a married mother of two is not highly recommended. It is not that I am against the responsible organized lifestyle, I am just not good at it. If I could push the magical obey button and make myself that way naturally then
that would be awesome. But seeing as though I suck at it then all the work and effort seems like such a pain. It is not that I am lazy. I will explain all that later. It is just I don't even think about it. I focus mostly on the essentials. Eat, sleep, relax, be the taxi lady to my kids, raise them to be amazing Godly people, go to my obligations etc. Wow, I am tired just typing all that. I am in serious need of a vacation. Big shiny clean cruise ship would be nice. Anyway, back to thought A, this is the recording of my journey to be a grown up. This is my journey to being skinny too hopefully. They say if you get one area of your life organized/structured the rest falls into place too. So here I go with my goal list...

1. Be consistent in my daily time with God.
2. Get house in great shape and then maintain it! (laundry, dishes, clothes put away etc.)
3. Be good wife, mother, blah blah blah.
4. Get skinny! Lose at least 12 pounds by Myrtle Beach time this summer.

Here's hoping I have some success in these ventures. Feel free to leave me comments and encourage the heck out of me. Thanks.

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BigD said...

I am already very proud of you just the way you are but I applaud your effort to grow. Growing is good, (unless it's around the middle, which I've been doing lately). I'll try to diet with you. Hugs and smiles, 2 u
Big D