Monday, April 14, 2008

Pursuit of happiness

It is 11:23 in the morning. Where are you? Are you at work taking a break? Are you home listening to kids running around in the background? Are you supposed to be doing something important but are blogging instead? or checking email? What is it that you are hoping will show up? Two nights ago Matt and I went to see the movie 21. It was pretty good. There were questions in the movie about life. Are you really living? What is it in your day that makes you really feel alive? I have multiple things I really enjoy doing but rarely get to do these things. Singing, dancing, being on stage/on camera etc. I like the thrill of the thrill and like to feel alive. There was a man at the theater saturday that was interviewing people on camera asking them where they find their happiness is in regard to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". I thought this was a great question. It made me think about the differances between joy, happiness and contentment. I believe these are definetley not one in the same. We need to make sure we are at peace with Christ as well as doing things that make us happy. (entertainment wise or otherwise) . Anyone every feel like you are just on survival mode and stuck in a routine? We are not obviously living our lives on the edge in Vegas but there has to be a middle ground where some fun comes in that gets our hearts beating a little bit more than oooo there is a new episode of "Rules of Engagement" on tonight! (really is a great show though). I know with my hubby's job there is the thrill of rushing into a building that is on fire. That is definetly an adrenaline rush. But stopping at target one more time because I forgot to buy wipes is just not on the same level. I vow to make a list of things I enjoy. Things that get my heart pumping and make me feel alive and I vow to start doing some of these things because I am not dead yet and I want to live. Once I come up with this marvelous list I will share it with you, my blog friends and you can then bug me about it later to make sure I have starting "living" on another level. Might I add that I love my husband, chidren, friends, church, etc. and would no way want to trade any of that in for anything not on God's path. I think I just need a hobby. One night a week where I do something exciting. :-)


Jessica said...

Looking forward to hearing your list! Maybe there will be something we can do together! No skydiving please :)

Lori W said...

Right on, sister! This, I think is a constant battle that we, as women fight...responsibility and routine vs excitement and adventure. I wholeheartedly support you in this pursuit of living. Jesus promised us abundant life...who are we to get so bogged down that we miss the abundance?

Tonya said...

You know we must be going through the same things. I have been searching for these same things. I find myself struggling with keeping all the laundry/housework done and then trying to do something for MYSELF.