Monday, July 5, 2010

Put down the laptop!

Ok. So apparently I have a problem. A "staying connected to the world at all times" problem. I am constantly texting or on my computer. I need to find another hobby. Maybe this is a stay at home mom thing. Here are the things I have learned this month:
1. It really really sucks to want what you can't have.
2. People are generally not what they appear to be at first introduction.
3. A special memory for you may not mean "squat" to someone else.
4. Almost Nothing beats a girls night out!
5. Everyone has baggage. Some are heavier and more twisted than others.
6. I really need to learn to swim better.
7. I want to become a spy. Female James Bond/Jennifer Garner in Alias kiss butt type.
8. What happens in Vegas isn't always fun.
9. Just because you never liked onions before doesn't mean that one day they won't be all you can think about.
10. I really do look best in self portraits.
11. If you have a messed up sense of humor, which I am proud of, Tosh.O is really the funniest show ever.

I had the thought, that I should avoid my technology for the week and spend time cleaning, or organizing or packing up Matt's crap. But instead I decided to write about how I will try to stop writing and texting for a few hours. Then and only then when I feel like being done wasting time. I will go work out like crazy. I could be officially single here before fall and gosh darnit I am gonna look goooooooooood.

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